Hello 2017!

Tenth year of my blog this year.
Just dropping by to tell you that I will be trying to post more often, and this time it is for real.

I am working towards some positive changes in my life and with God with me every step of the way, I hope things turn out to be for the best.

I missed writing and I missed blogging.

Thank you blogger for being with me all these years! <3 p="">

Just Do It

I am not sure if I have already previously written a blogpost with the similar title.
And this statement proves some things.

First, is that my memory is failing me at this moment.
Second, is that I have been feeling a recurring sentiment for some time now...
And third, is that I haven't managed to solve or to improve the current situation.

Battling with yourself is never easy, especially when you know what you want to do yet you can't seem to do it. The reasons? All the alibis you can imagine.

I have always been telling myself to push myself to the limits, achieve whatever I can while I haven't reached my 30s yet and experience greater things that are outside of my comfort zone. Yet, then and again, I find myself typing this blog post, "complaining" on how my battle with myself seems to not go anywhere.

It is a battle of productivity... of achieving your dreams and goals... of making it bigger.
Ooops.... Now, let me stop this train of thought for a while and write something about a particular moment when I wrote the text above.

"achieving your dreams and goals..." "making it bigger"
I cringed. What do these words mean? What do I want to do? What are my dreams and goals?? Where do I want to make it big????

They say that writing your thoughts can help you think more clearly and at this moment, I just hit on a realization that my dreams and goals are not really clear to me... and maybe that is the main reason why my battle with productivity is not moving forward. I don't see an end goal.

I know I want to have my own lovely family, have kids and have a comfortable life.
Career wise? I can see myself working for something with value and impact. Maybe being a boss for a well known company or maybe even working for the government. I have some other ideas which I choose not to share here, but other than that, I have no clear picture.

What do I want in life?
I guess I need to ask this to myself again and now, do better in finding answers.

I have been stuck here in this country for almost 5 years now, and it is slowly turning into my comfort zone. I am not sure if I am really making the most out of my 20s by being here and just working. I know I can do better and do better if only I start moving.

All this time, what I was thinking is that I lack self discipline that's why I can't seem to be productive. No. What I lack is a clearer vision of what I want to do with my life and what I want to achieve... that's why I can't seem to push myself harder and give myself enough motivation to be more productive.

...And I only realized that while writing this blog post. Cringed again.

I have set some previous goals before but it seems that they were all written in water, with no concrete timeline, plans and specifics.

I guess I have to re-evaluate my dreams and goals and then just do it. Time is ticking but I can't really say that I have wasted 5 years of my life here, because with it also come some achievements and good experiences... It is time to move forward.

The past is called past for a reason, and the future brings promises with it. And first, I have to know, I have to clearly picture... What do I want for myself after all of these? What future promise do I want to claim for myself? What are my dreams? What is my ultimate goal????

Just do it does not make sense without a purpose.

I have to search mine and  picture it clearly in my head.
I have to have an idea on what can wake me up in the morning, driven with passion and enthusiasm.
I have to know where I want to go.

And maybe, just maybe, if I can do these things,
I can naturally gravitate towards the realization of my dreams.

Go get it.

If life does not give it to you, go get it for yourself and make it happen. Disappointments come and go but what will forever remain is your own will to make things better and achieve your dreams. It might be difficult. You might get impatient. But never ever lose sight of what you know you were meant to be.

Why 26 feels so different from 25

I just turned 26 around 16 minutes ago. And it feels so different from last year.

I am not sure why but I am somehow feeling the pressure. I only have 4 years before being 30 and it somehow makes me think if I am already doing concrete steps for me to achieve the things I want for myself.

10 years ago, around this time, I think I just received the news that I passed the entrance exam for the premiere state university in my country. I was overjoyed, thankful, blessed. There were so many possibilities and things to look forward to.

Fast forward to today, I am still thankful and blessed. Joyful, I guess so!
I can say that I am proud of what I have become in the past 10 years-of the things I have achieved, places I have been too, people I have met, things I have tried and accomplished. Who would have thought that I will brave a land where English is not really used in everyday life, and learn a completely new way of expressing myself. Who would have thought that I will be as independent as I am now when my mother used to do almost everything for me back when I was home.

Above all, I am proud of the fact that I have stayed real and true to my relationship with God, who is the Center and Source of everything. Congrats and Job well done, Lence. Thank You Lord!

I don't really feel that I changed a lot but I know I made changes for the better.
The challenge now is how will I be able to use these 4 years to achieve the remaining dreams I have.

//I want to blog more but I know I want to sleep for tomorrow.

Am I happy? Yes. and I could be happier if I start looking at the bright side of things more.
Am I satisfied? I want to do more. And I know I can do that with God's will, if I only start moving.

Time to move. Time to act. It's time to make things happen for me.

Twitter Blog

Nobody is perfect and you have to live with your own imperfections to create your own perfect life. Stop worrying on what's uncontrollable. Focus on the good and the happy. Trust that things will get better from here on. Erase your negative thoughts and believe that even with your imperfections, you're still perfect for the people who really care for and love you. Some things are inevitable but you can always choose to stay on the bright side of life. Lead a life that will make you see past the imperfection because after all, it's your life and you only get one chance to live. So stop the drama and the frustrations. Do what you can to make your life perfect for you.

Short essays for someone's homework

Wrote this for something...  Almost deleted it but imma post it here. :D

Speech Competence

Being able to talk is one of the most basic things that any functional human being can do, but being able to speak effectively is a completely different story. For me, there are 3 essential points that a person must have in order to speak effectively.

First is the ability to listen. A speaker must be able to know the current situation and understand what needs to be said. Also, he or she must know how to respect other people’s opinions. Listening is a very important skill not only for a speaker but for a communicator in general.

Second is the ability to organize your thoughts. This is very important so you can convey your message clearly in a way that listeners would understand. It would help if you can use the appropriate words needed to add more impact to your message and move your audience. The order of the content that you will share to the audience also plays a big role.

Lastly is confidence in delivery. To gain listeners, you must be able to have command on stage. Your voice must be audible and your body language must be consistent with your message. This will also help the audience to relate more with what you are saying. A good content will only be wasted with poor delivery. This is the finishing touch and it should be given with full effort.

Effective speaking is a very important skill nowadays. I know that it is not easy to always be an effective speaker, but with these 3 small steps in mind, I hope I can manage to not just talk, but speak more effectively all the time.

Living Life to the Fullest

I am sure that most of us have already seen this hashtag being used in social media or being used by one of our friends. As we all know it means, “You only live once”.

This word was popularized in a 2011 song and since then was used by people to indicate moments wherein they try to seize the moment and do something bold or extra-ordinary. Have you ever tried using this word?

For me, I like this hashtag because I think that it makes people realize that yes, we just live once, and thus we must not take life for granted. Sometimes, I guess, people have the tendency to just go with the flow, and go through life like it is one big routine. This hashtag reminds me that every second of my life is precious and that I must live in the moment.

How often do we do things absent-mindedly? How often do we use our phones instead of talking to our loved ones? How often do we choose not to say or do the things we want to say because we’re shy or we think there’s always another chance?

We only live once. And we may never pass the same way twice.

I think #YOLO is not just for brave and bold acts. It should be an everyday reminder that each second of our precious life is a gift and we should use it for something meaningful and something we can be proud of.

You only live once. Live it the best way you can!

Make your day count

In an age wherein everything is within a touch of a finger, being able to focus poses a challenge mostly for everyone. And this is so true for me.

For months (years) now, I have been dealing with some discipline issues with regards to using my smartphone. And while the smartphone has been one of the most effective inventions of the century, it is also as I might say, one of the most affecting. I guess anyone can relate.

For starters, as much as I wanted to focus on the things I want to do, I have to admit that for most instances, once I touch my smartphone, I end up wasting at least 10 minutes on social media. Of course, I know that it is completely my fault, and that there's no one else to blame. The smartphone wouldn't work without me. And so again, I am writing this post to challenge myself to decrease my smartphone usage and to try my best to make my day count. 

Message to self: Do things which will upgrade you. Limit the time you waste. I know, I am not totally against using social media but everything should be in moderation. Be proud of your everyday. Be happy everyday. Accomplish everyday. 

Now, I am challenging myself to make my day count everyday. And I really hope I can do it. Amen!